Media Coverage

The event attracts great interest both in the international classic car magazines and in owners' club publications. The opening days of the 2012 - 2016 events all featured on ITV News throughout Wales. S4C carried a report in Welsh in its magazine programme Heno in 2014.  BBC Radio and TV also carried reports in 2013, while Octane reported in its August issue. iRally carried a five minute film in 2013, which can be seen here. The Morgan World carried a six page story after the 2011 event. Reports on 2010 included a full page story in Octane and a small feature in Motorsport News. Plus a short, informative piece from Ralio, the Welsh language rallying programme, broadcast on S4C and shown below by kind permission of the producers.



In year one, 2003, Classic Cars lent its support and published a preview of the action, then sent Editor Martyn Moore and staffer Ben Field along in a rather fetching bright green Heritage Jaguar D Type replica to write a light hearted piece to send us on our way. (The magazine managed a little more decorum in 2004, sending staff writer Graeme Hurst and his Citroen 11BL to enjoy the scene). You can read a review of the 2010 event in Octane here.

Later, in 2007, Classic & Sports Car Editor, James Elliott and News Editor Alastair Clements brought along James' Triumph 2000; you can see what they thought of the rally here, but suffice it to say that Alastair was back for a further go the following year in his trusty little Suzuki Whizzkid, at the same time one of the youngest and smallest cars ever to tackle a Three Castles. Meanwhile various specialist marque magazines had taken an interest and Total 911, the Porsche magazine, ran a feature in 2005 too.

Participants in the Three Castles have shared their views in club magazines, and among them you can read an article for Club Lotus magazine by Roy Gillett, who should know us by now as he and wife Sandy are one of several valiant crews to have done the first ten Three Castles, then switched to marshalling on the last two events.

The Historic Rally Car Register's East Anglia region published a substantial review of the 2012 event by David Holmes and others, whilst the TR Register magazine featured the words of Roger King, another event regular in the early years.

You can read the thoughts of the HRCR's General Secretary, Tony Barron, on the 2014 event as published in Old Stager, here. And Sian Lloyd's view, published in Welsh Life, in November 2013, here.


Ralio Three Castles 2010 TV Coverage